Dino Boy: A Character Concept Created by Brandon

Dino Boy character concept by Brandon Ruiz-McPherson

Dino Boy is a dinosaur-like creature kid from several galaxies away. His spaceship crashed on planet Earth next to a laboratory managed by the outcasted mad scientist, Dr. Zuk.

The above tale intro comes from the vivid imagination of a young man, Brandon, who just so happens to be my son.

Brandon invented The Adventures of Dino Boy & Dr. Zuk, a story about the zany adventures of an alien-human duo who cause havoc and mayhem everywhere they go, despite their best intentions not to do so.

This is a personal, self-publishing project that will take some time to illustrate.

Illustrator and upcoming comics author Brandon Ruiz-McPherson in Sterling, Virginia

It will require me to go through many of Brandon’s doodles and drawings (across several composition notebooks) to bring his fun character ideas and content to life.

Children's comic and graphic novel idea and illustration by 10-year old Brandon Ruiz-McPherson

Snapshot into Brandon’s comic theme and series ideation.

This is happening.

I’m not sure when this self-publishing project will be ready as I often get side tracked by client work and grad school assignments, but it is underway and I’m excited and proud to partner with my son to make his creative ideas an illustrated reality.

Stay tuned!

Mayra Ruiz-McPherson

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