Illustrator for hire Mayra Ruiz-McPherson's story


Hello creativity, lovely to meet you.

I was first drawn to colors, painting, and art was when I was 3-4 years old. My stepmom introduced creativity into my life early on. She was constantly doodling for me and with me; it was how we bonded and spent many of our times together.


My doodling stepmother

I could never get enough of my stepmom’s whimsical little doodles! She’d scribble them literally everywhere. This included alongside the letters she wrote me, or as adornments next to silly poetry she’d author and share with me. She’d even scribble small drawings all throughout family photo albums, year after year.


Summertime discovery!

During my teenage years, summers were spent visit my dad, my stepmom and younger kid sister. While my parents worked during the day, I’d spend endless hours on dad’s old Macintosh computer, which had some desktop publishing software installed.


Imaginary editor

Before long, I was spending endless hours of my summer vacation at my dad’s desk, pretending to be the editor of a newspaper or magazine. I’d layout and design imaginary publications, then print them out an old dot matrix printer — just in time to distribute my “editions” to family members and neighbors right before dinner!

Then I Saw The World!

Traveling world map for illustrator Mayra Ruiz-McPherson


Adventures abroad

When I wasn’t visiting family during the summers, I was living overseas with my mom and stepdad. Their jobs required them to travel and live abroad extensively so I was quite fortunate to see and experience many different things throughout my adolescence.


Culture immersion

From multiple languages and colorful cultures to distant lands and diverse peoples, my eyes, heart, and mind imbibed it all! I will always remember growing up across four different countries over the span of 10 years.


Along the way

During this time in my life, I was repeatedly exposed to eclectic colors, vibrant scenes, and all kinds of designs and typographic styles. Their presence in my diverse surroundings  collectively influenced my artistic eye and creative spirit.