I wrote this article to put a bright spotlight on WHY illustration art’s creative luster continues to matter in modern communications today.

Why Illustration STILL Matters by Mayra Ruiz-McPherson

As a longtime designer working with brands of all sorts and sizes for more than two decades, there’s one thing about creative communications that stands out above the rest:

When it comes to a brand’s visual differentiation, there’s almost nothing that comes close to the unique power and eye-candy- deliciousness of illustration.

In a world full of varnished stock photos (that everyone else is also using) and mass-produced vector art, brands have to decide how to best stand out above the duplicative visual clutter deluging social feeds, email inboxes, and more.

While mass-produced visuals do have both utility and place in your brand’s communications toolkit, they also have their creative limitations.

For example, depending on your designer’s talents, such images can appear impersonal, canned, or aesthetically unexciting no matter how much your designer may tweak and manipulate them.

Understandably, your brand may not regularly want or have a frequent need to expend the time or resources for illustrative image creation.

However, there will inevitably come a time when a rapid-assembly-line-mindset for image creation just won’t do.

Perhaps there’s a special occasion demanding a heightened sense of visual wonder and intrigue.

Or maybe it’s time to portray a unique set of imagery to a client for an important presentation.

Whatever those extraordinary moments may be for the course of your brand, illustrated digital or hand-crafted art can provide you with the magical touch and differentiated aesthetic your brand needs.

About the Author, Creative Strategist & Visual Artist Mayra Ruiz-McPherson